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Sources of stress for students


Academics: simply tackling difficult assignments can demand stress management technique.


Dating: Students life throughout high school and middle school is filled with thinking about dating, dating, trying to date, failing to date, and being "dumped."


Environment: Students moving into secondary education find it challenging to move around to classes.


Peers: Peers apply pressure in regard to dress behavior, choice of friends, music, and many other areas of life. That pressure can become a huge cause of stress for students.


Parental Pressure: Parents want their children to succeed in school. In their attempt to guide their children, parents and guardians become major causes of stress on students.



Certain colors help you relieve stress and help you relax. For example pink usually means femine, tranquilizing and of course love. Also orange commonly means health, energy and warmth. Besides orange, there is also red. Red means power, passion, and aggression.

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